Bertha Mitchell

Patwin basketry

Bertha Mitchell, a master basket weaver, Patwin language speaker, and culture bearer for the Patwin people, has been weaving baskets for over seven decades.  In addition to working within her own community, Bertha has shared her art with many audiences throughout Northern California, including demonstrating her art form at museums, galleries, and schools.  She is a world-renowned basket weaver and has baskets in many permanent collections, including the Smithsonian.

Bertha served as a master artist in ACTA’s Apprenticeship Program, in 2015 with apprentice and longtime friend Debbie Moore. Their apprenticeship focused on the completion of Debbie’s first basket. Bertha was also a master artist to apprentice Nadine Mitchell in 2006.


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Basket by Bertha Mitchell, master Patwin basketweaver.
Basket by Bertha Mitchell, master Patwin basketweaver.
Baskets by Bertha Mitchell, master Patwin basketweaver.
Bertha Mitchell's baskets, behind the "start" of a basket by her 2014 apprentice Debbie Moore.
Bertha Mitchell's weaving tools and the "start" of a basket.
Bertha Mitchell, master Patwin basketweaver, and a few of her baskets and willow sticks prepared for weaving.

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