ACTA Welcomes Blogger Prumsodun Ok

ACTA - Posted on 01 May 2011

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Prumsodun Ok (seated) and Khannia Ok (far right), with Prumsodun's students Reachny Tan (far left) and Sophanmay Nong (center) in his original work, The Cambodia Exhibit, at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica.  Photo: Leo Garcia.Master Cambodian classical dancer Prumsodun Ok is a current master artist in ACTA's Apprenticeship Program with his apprentice and sister Khannia Ok.

Prumsodun Ok's Apprenticeship Blog will follow the course of their apprenticeship, as they focus on developing Khannia’s abilities as a solo performer through the intensive study of Robam Apsara and Robam Tiyae, two pieces of traditional choreography.

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