ACTA Announces 2012 Living Cultures Grants Program Grantees

ACTA - Posted on 06 January 2012

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Members of Escaramuza Charra Las Azaleas, subject of Pony Highway Production's documentary Escaramuza: Riding From the Heart.In its largest grantmaking cycle to date, the Alliance for California Traditional made sixty-one grants totalling $396,000 to California nonprofits to support exemplary projects in folk and traditional arts through its Living Cultures Grants Program.

The awards will fund a variety of community-based traditional arts practiced by Californians from many cultural communities across the state, including traditional Hawaiian garment-making in Alamdea County, Hmong qeej instruction in Sacramento County, Native Californian basket documentation and preservation in Yolo County, Oaxacan cultural festivals in Fresno and Kern Counties, Cambodian classical dance workshops in Los Angeles County, traditional Philippine dance and music workshops in San Diego County, and the celebration of Romani culture in Sonoma County.

One hundred fifty-eight applications were reviewed by a distinguished panel of cultural and community experts over a four-day period, and the final grant selections were approved by ACTA's board of directors.   ACTA's funding partners include the Walter & Elise Haas Fund, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, and the Surdna Foundation.  Additional support provided by the California Arts Council, the California Community Foundation, and the San Francisco Foundation.

Leipupu Stone wearing a garment made out of kappa cloth by master artist Wendeanne Ke'aka Stitt.

2012 Grantees

To learn more about the grantees and their funded projects, please click on the links below.

ABADÁ-Capoeira San Francisco • San Francisco • $7,000
To support the Batizado 2012 Capoeira Congresso.

Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose • San Jose • $5,000
To support a teacher training program.

Academy of Hawaiian Arts • Alameda • $5,000
To support traditional ceremonial kihei (garment) making.

Arab Cultural & Community Center • San Francisco • $5,000
To support the 18th Annual Arab Cultural Festival.

Asian American Performing Arts & Culture Center • Sacramento • $6,750
To support Hmong qeej (bamboo flute) and traditional dance instruction.

Association for the Advancement of Filipino American Arts & Culture • Los Angeles • $6,750
To support the 21st Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture.

Ballet Folklorico Nuestras Raices de Tipton • Tulare • $5,000
To support ballet folklorico instruction and costume and footwear purchases.

Banteay Srei • Alameda • $7,000
To support the Southeast Asian Unity through Cultural Exploration program.

Bay Area Flamenco Partnership • Alameda • $7,000
To support the 5th Annual Festival of Flamenco Arts & Traditions.

Berkeley Old Time Music Convention • Alameda • $7,500
To support the 10th Annual Berkeley Old Time Music convention.

Tennessee fiddler Joseph Decosimo teaching a master class during the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention.

Blue Creek-Ah Pah Village • Humboldt • $7,000
To support a traditional Yurok Brush Dance ceremony.

California Indian Basketweavers’ Association • Yolo • $7,000
To support the care, documentation, and management of CIBA's basket collection.

Calpulli Tonalehqueh • Santa Clara • $6,750
To support the 2012 Aztec New Year ceremony.

Cambodian American Resource Agency • Santa Clara • $7,500
To support training and performances of the Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe.

Camp Fareta • Alameda • $5,800
To support the annual West African dance and drum residential workshops.

Centro Binacional para el Desarrollo Indígena Oaxaqueño • Fresno • $6,750
To support the 13th Annual La Guelaguetza festival.

Centro Cultural de Mexico • Orange • $7,500
To support the Noche de Altares in the Community project as part of their Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations.

Centro de Unidad Popular Benito Juarez, Inc. • Kern •  $6,750
To support the annual La Guelaguetza festival.

Youth participating in Centro de Unidad Popular Benito Juarez, Inc.'s annual La Guelagetza celebration.

Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria • Humboldt • $5,850
To support Yurok basketweaving classes.

Chitresh Das Dance Company & Chhandam School of Kathak • San Francisco • $7,500
To support leadership development within the Chhandam Youth Dance Company.

City of San Fernando • Los Angeles • $7,000
To support the Mariachi Master Apprentice Program.

Diamano Coura West African Dance Company •Alameda• $7,500
To support the 17th Annual Collage des Cultures Africaines.

East European Folklife Center• Alameda • $7,500
To support website development and expansion.

Fandango sin Fronteras • Los Angeles • $7,000
To support the documentation of traditional son jarocho jarana luthiery.

Frente Indígena de Organizaciones • Los Angeles • $7,000
To support the Recipes for Change; Recipes for Continuity project.

Fireknife of Samoa • Los Angeles • $6,750
To support the annual Weekend in Polynesia competition.

Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United, Inc. • Los Angeles • $6,750
To support the Garifuna Language and Culture Academy.

Genryu Arts • San Francisco • $7,000
To support the multidisciplinary production The Art of Peace.

Glide • San Francisco • $5,000
To support the Healing Through Negro Spirituals program.

Grupo Folklorico Los Girasoles • Tulare • $6,750
To support ballet folklorico instruction.

Heyday • Alameda • $7,500
To support documentation and outreach for the 10th Annual Indian Market.

Student dancers from the Hmong Association of Long Beach's Qeej not Gangs program.

Hmong Association of Long Beach, Inc. • Los Angeles • $7,500
To support the Qeej Not Gangs program.

Holistic Honu Wellness Center • Alameda • $7,000
To support the Ho’okahi Pu’uwai (One Heart) workshop series.

Hula On! Productions • Marin • $5,000
To support a three-day intensive kahiko hula workshop.

Ile Omode • Alameda • $5,000
To support a Kwanzaa commemoration.

Japanese Cultural Fair • Santa Cruz • $7,500
To support the 26th Annual Japanese Cultural Fair.

JC Culture Foundation • Los Angeles •$6,750
To support a Chinese Lion Dancing afterschool program.

Kalingas-North America Network, Inc. • San Diego • $5,000
To support an Igorot (indigenous Pilippino) canao, or gathering, and workshops.

Karuk Tribe • Siskiyou • $5,000
To support basket weaving classes.

Khmer Arts Academy • Los Angeles • $5,000
To support Cambodian classical dance workshops.

Kitka, Inc. • Alameda • $6,750
To support a Balkan women's vocal master artist residency.

Kodo Arts Sphere America, Inc. • Los Angeles • $7,500
To support Japanese taiko workshops.

Feathered basket by master Ohlone basketweaver Linda Yamane, one of the artists participating in the Parks Foundation of Monterey County's "We Are Still Here" exhibit.

Lahydi Dance Theater • Alameda • $7,000
To support the Guinea Dance & Drum Festival.

Mas Makers Massive • Alameda •  $6,750
To support the Steelpan Rising workshops and production.

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts • San Francisco • $5,000
To support the Haitian Dance and Music Festival.

Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir • Alameda • $7,000
To support a teen music education program.

Pacific Islander Health Partnership • Orange • $7,000
To support the 5th Annual Pacific Islander Festival of Orange County.

Parks Foundation of Monterey County • Monterey • $5,000
To support the "We Are Still Here" exhibit of Oholone basketry, music, dance, and storytelling.

PASACAT Philippine Performing Arts Company • San Diego • $5,000
To support traditional Pilipino dance and music instruction.

Pony Highway Productions • Los Angeles • $7,000
To support outreach for Escaramuza: Riding From the Heart, a documentary about a team of Mexican-American charras (horsewomen).

Rara Tou Limen Dance Company • Alameda • $6,750
To support Rasanable! Haitian Arts and Culture Festival.

Student dancers of the Mexican folklorico group Relampago del Cielo.

Relampalgo del Cielo, Inc. • Los Angeles • $7,000
To support the annual ballet folklorico student concert.

Rondalla Club of Los Angeles • Los Angeles • $5,000
To support the Kuwerdas Amerika (Strings in America) project.

Sekhou Senegal • Alameda • $5,000
To support the annual Nuit du Bazin, a West African ceremonial and cultural event.

Self-Help Graphics & Art • Los Angeles • $6,750
To support their annual Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations.

Stepology • San Francisco • $7,000
To support the 10th Annual Bay Area Tap Festival.


Teatro de la Tierra • Fresno • $7,500
To support the Generaciones (Generations) project providing instruction in Mexican folk music.

The Music Circle • Los Angeles • $7,000
To support four full-length concerts of North and South Indian classical music.

Voice of Roma • Sonoma • $6,750
To support the 16th Annual California Herdeljezi Festival.

Wiyot Tribe Cultural Heritage Center • Humboldt • $7,000
To support the preservation of the only known tule vtak, or sleeping mat.

Yiddishkayt • Los Angeles • $6,500
To support the third Kugl Kukh-Off.

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