ACTA's Programs

The Alliance for California Traditional Arts administers three core programs which provide grants and contracts to folk & traditional artists and organizations.

Living Cultures Grants Program

Diamano Coura West African Dance Company performs at their annual festival: Collages des Cultures Africaines in 2012.The Living Cultures Grants Program funds nonprofit organizations, as well as other organizations who work with fiscal sponsors, to support impactful projects in the traditional arts in California.  Grant awards are limited to $7,500 or less.

Apprenticeship Program

Master Kalenda practitioner Dennis Newsome (right) and his 2013 apprentice Shiloh Williams.The Apprenticeship Program encourages the continuation of the state’s traditional arts and cultures by contracting master artists to offer intensive, one-on-one training to qualified apprentices.

Each $3,000 contract supports a period of concentrated learning for apprentices who have shown a commitment to and a talent for a specific artistic tradition.

Development Program

Dance Kaiso instructors Val Serrant (left) and Wilfred Mark of Trinidad along with Robbin Frey (not shown) teach youth the arts of the Caribbean in San Francisco. The Development Program makes contracts up to $1,500 to support consultancies, mentorships, and travel opportunities that foster a new level of growth for individual folk & traditional artists and organizations in California. Requested services may be focused on organizational, program, and/or artistic development goals. Individual artists and cultural practitioners, as well as organizations, whether incorporated or not, may apply.

Roundtable Series

ACTA's Roundtable Series is expanding statewide!