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Aboubakar Kouyate Traditional Drumming of the Mandinka
CubaCaribe Caribbean music and dance
Cheza Nami African arts and culture
Diamano Coura West African Dance Company West African music, dance, and theater
Omnira Institute African Diaspora arts and culture
Bay Area Youth Arts African drumming and dance
Fua Dia Congo Congolese music and dance
Khaley Adouna African Dance & Drum African dance and drum
Juan Carlos Blanco Riera Afro-Cuban percussion
Dethie "Pape" Diouf Senegalese drumming
Florencia Pierre Haitian dance, music, and storytelling
Daniel Brevil Haitian Vodou drumming
John Santos Afro-Latin percussion
José Francisco Barroso Afro-Cuban Lucumi traditions
Yagbe Onilu Dahomey and Yoruba songs and Shekere
Tobaji Stewart Batá drumming
Tacuma King West African Dunun and Djembe drumming
Eduardo Martinez Arvilla Afro-Colombian drumming and gaita
Kwashi Amevuvor Ewe drumming
Felipe García Villamil Afro-Cuban batá
Heritage Music Foundation African American Gospel music
Terrance Kelly African American Gospel music
Kiazi Malonga Congolese drum, song, and language
Jorge Alabe Candomblé song and dance
Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir African American Gospel music
Glide Negro spirituals
Ginga Arts Afro-Brazilian capoeira
Cultural Arts of Gold Congolese arts and culture

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